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David Edgecomb

462 Long Bow Lane East

Becket, MA 01223

mobile: 413.426.8215

email: david@edgemaster.com

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Photographer's Statement

I aim to document events, people, and places to discover and preserve memories that elicit emotions and connection. In essence, to capture those moments that reveal, remind, and connect us to a special time and place in our life; a resting spot, of sorts, to contemplate fully everything that a moment represents.

What to expect when working with me...

I am a lifestyle/documentary photographer and have found that this style of photography allows for sessions and events to unfold naturally, while capturing the essence of the moment in an artful way that incorporates your vision. For product sessions this style of photography allows images created for you to be unique and consistent to your brand. This site offers a sampling of the imagery I have created for others in the past. Please review and note any that stand apart for one reason or another. This information will help to provide direction for what you’re looking to accomplish for your imagery. Trends and styles are ever changing. I welcome a collaborative process to bring your vision to light. I feel that an excellent photographer brings more to the photo session than producing images that are technically accurate and stylish. Your comfort level with the personality behind the camera drives an authentic rendering of what happens in front of the lens and makes for a memorable and fun experience for us both. I look forward to hearing from you so we can determine how we might best work together. Feel free to contact me to start that process.

Professional Services

I offer customized digital photography tailored to a client’s desires including but not limited to:

    • Event – Wedding/Elopement, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Birthday, Gala/Fundraiser, Historic Event, Timeline/Progression, Performance, Musical Events, Corporate Events.

   • Product – Merchandise, Giclee, Real Estate.

   • Advertising/Marketing – Social Media, Brochures, Catalogs, Flyers, Calendars

   • Almost anything. Let’s talk.


David Edgecomb (www.edgemaster.com) is a photographer and systems analyst residing in Becket Massachusetts. He enjoys working from the beautiful and relaxing Berkshires where he is able to bridge the gaps between a highly global, technical, and digital world and the basic natural rhythms of the cosmos. He designs and programs Internet applications that enable businesses to enhance customer service and work more efficiently. That work requires his skill to break down complex concepts into simplistic terms, a perceptive skill that is also present in his imagery. He has produced imagery for events, gatherings, products, social media, and advertising. He is the founder and facilitator of the Berkshire Photo Gathering (www.berkshirephotogathering.com.)  An organization dedicated to inspiring and promoting local photographers. He enjoys sharing his knowledge in order to empower and encourage others to follow their passion. As a full time student of life he is continually engaged in learning in order to create that which did not exist yesterday.

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