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David Edgecomb

462 Long Bow Lane East

Becket, MA 01223

email: david@edgemaster.com


David Edgecomb (www.edgemaster.com) is a photographer and IT professional in Becket Massachusetts. He enjoys telecommuting from the beautiful and relaxing Berkshires where he is able to bridge the gap between a highly global, technical, and digital world and the basic natural rhythms of the cosmos. During the work week he designs and programs Internet applications that enable users to work more efficiently. Most of the time that work requires his skill to break down the complicated into simplistic terms. With the rest of his time, he enjoys all aspects of photography. He has produced imagery for commercial ventures, weddings, family gatherings and celebrations and also for pure enjoyment. He is the founder and facilitator of the Berkshire Photo Gathering (www.berkshirephotogathering.com.)  An organization dedicated to inspiring and promoting local photographers. He has collaborated with local artists to assist with their vision and to help promote their efforts. He enjoys sharing his knowledge in order to empower and encourage others to follow their passion. As a full time student of life he is constantly engaged in learning more in order to build and create that which did not exist yesterday. 

Please feel free to contact him for any of your photography, Internet programming, or project consulting needs.

My Photographs

I enjoy capturing the visible electromagnetic spectrum to later return to that moment in time and marvel at the wonder of all that was available but not fully comprehended in the sliver of time it was presented. I return to my photographs time and time again to connect to a universe where time stops long enough to be fully present with the moment.


               David Edgecomb

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